Jul 4, 2022 17:09:48
About Us

Some  of the major sites out there seem to have lost touch with the seller.  They have no interest in offering a stable site, that can offer equal  support for both buyers and sellers. As sellers ourselves we were  disappointed by how many error pages we are encountering and the  overwhelming cost of insertion fees.

So  we decided to do something about it.



AuctionIt  has been born with the objective to create a fair selling platform  for both buyers and sellers; where support, security, range of  features and quality service are all priorities.



This  project has been designed to give a better experience for buyers and  sellers required, we have attempted to put a great deal of thought  and effort in our features and our marketing to achieve this. Here at  AuctionIt we understand the importance that buyers get the best deal  possible but that our sellers are still able to make a profit. So we  have implemented a few different features to achieve this balance.



Feedback: At AuctionIt buyers and sellers are able to leave each other  positive, negative and neutral feedback on every transaction. This  policy intends to create a fair platform where feedback is based on  each individual transaction experience and feedback is able is  accurately represent buyers and seller performance.



For buyers this means: They have the security to leave  feedback they feel accurately expresses and rates the services they  received. Buyers are required to be truthful in feedback and rate the  customer service, products and generally service they received.  However, they are advised to avoid leaving negative feedback for  circumstance outside the sellers control e.g. Postal service losing  items. Instead we advise leaving feedback on how the sellers dealt  with the issue.



For sellers this means: They can leave feedback on their  experience dealing with a buyer.  We hope that this encourages all  parties involved to deal with each other politely and professionally  as are community standards require of everyone who uses AcutionIt.   We also hope it creates a system where feedback reflects service and  products received and does not penalises sellers for things such as  items getting lost in the post.



Feedback  should be fair and neither buyers or sellers should be judges on  things out of there control. We believe the only way to reflect  truthfully a buyer’s and seller’s stability to offer a pleasant  an easy transaction is for both parties to be able to leave feedback  for each other.



Digital  Delivery :  This is a system that allows sellers to sell digital  delivery items with ease. When a digital delivery transaction is  completed the buyer will get an instant access to a link that allows  them to download the file automatically. We see no reason why you  should have wait for eBooks, scripts, codes etc. So we have made it  easier for everyone, buyer get what they order straight away and  sellers do not have to spend time emailing out their product to every  customer.




Item  Location Maps: If an item is available for collection the seller  is able to place the item’s location in the listing, this creates a  link that allows buyers to go straight to google maps or get  directions to the item location. No fuss.




Dispute  Resolution: Our resolution centre allows a mediation between the  buyer and seller, they can upload pictures, proof of postage and  other evidence. We hope this allows both parties to come to an  amicable solution. If mediation does fail, the final decision can be  forwarded to our payment processing team, they will look into the  evidence and come to a final judgement on any refunds, in a secure  and impartial way.




Barcode  Search: Entering a barcode for your product is currently optional  addition, but when you do enter a barcode it is used to power a  catalogue review search. The idea behind this, is that it will allow  will give users the ability to read reviews on the product separate  from the sellers account it is listed on, so the buyer can pick a  product with confidence.




Payment  Gateways : PayPal is great but not everybody has or wants it. So  buyers and sellers can trade with PayPal,, WorldPay and  2checkout.




Bug  Feedback: This one’s pretty simple if you experience any  technical errors or glitches on the site, you can simply post a bug  report. Once you have log your issue one of our team members can  research it and repair it for you.



What  About Helping You Make Sales?





We  periodically tweet new listings from various categories on the site.  While unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee your product will be  tweeted, active sellers are more likely to be promoted on our normal  pages.




RSS  Feed for Sellers : You can use the RSS feed from your page to  automatically feed your listings to your own website and twitter  feeds, these RSS feeds may also be submitted to product search engine  networks.



1  Click Social Sharing : The pull-out bar to the right allows anybody  viewing a product to instantly share your product to over a hundred  social networks. So help your listing get viewed by sharing it  yourself and then buyers who like the look of your product can do the  same!



Viral  Ads: A series of viral video and picture ads are being created to  be shared across the net to drive buyers and sellers to the site.



Contextual  Ads : Contextual adds for the site and auctions are being placed on  the Exactseek, Adjungle, Snipesearch Ad and Facebook’s Ad network.



Organic  SEO : Then of course there is the ever so important SEO. All you  have to do is list you item, then an intelligent little algorithm  pulls apart your title and description and assigns sections to your  meta title and description. Then it then pulls the most common  keywords and turns them into your meta keyword tag. Ensuring that tag  to page relevancy is 100%. This means a higher weight is applied by  most search engines. And buyers are never miss-lead about the page  they are coming too.




Some  Credits:





While  there has been so much custom coding and API system used we have to  give credits to some of the open source projects that leant code to  the creation of auction it. So a special thanks to webid, and to  super_st for the bootstrap theme framework, a full credit to coders  and projects may be found in  our FAQ.